Best Practices Behavior and Occupational Therapy offers pediatric occupational therapy in a gym setting at We Rock the Spectrum the Woodlands. A therapeutic gym environment is unique in the sense that it allows access to appropriate suspended therapy equipment, trampolines, climbing structures, and mats in order to best target deficits in sensory integration and motor development.

The most effective intervention is a therapy that is child-directed and involves challenges tailored toward each child. A typical session is 50-60 minutes long and will include at least two types (but usually all three) of the following input:

  • tactile,
  • vestibular (movement sense),
  • and proprioceptive (body sense).

This input is best achieved through the use of various tactile play activities, swings, trampolines, or climbing structures with direct one on one guidance by a licensed registered occupational therapist. Sessions typically include a tabletop activity and are ended with a 5-10 minute collaborative discussion with parents to promote carryover in other settings. 

To determine necessity and type of intervention, a thorough evaluation is conducted and includes an in-depth parent occupational interview, child medical/educational/developmental history, observations, and formal assessment including parent questionnaires and standardized testing.

Depending on the needs of the child, sensory-based intervention is usually recommended at twice per week, with progress updates every three months to monitor effectiveness of treatment.

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