Hi Y’all!

Our last winter in California

Dustin and I and our three girls moved to The Woodlands, TX from Redondo Beach, CA in July 2018. While we loved the California weather and views almost as much as we loved our California family and friends, we just felt called to make a change. Being a Louisiana girl, it wasn’t such a huge transition for me, but for my California born and bred husband and daughters, it was such a brave leap. And just like that, they’ve adjusted to Texas living and hospitality and it is more than we asked for.

After working in the public school system for over 15 years, both of us discovered that we were even more fulfilled in helping families outside of the classroom. We decided that when we got to Texas we would focus our energy on family centered intervention and in January of 2019 we developed Best Practices. We are currently in our early stages of figuring out how to get in network with insurances and how our model can best meet the needs of our community. So any input from you is always appreciated.

A bit about us: Dustin was born and raised in Southern California. He attended UCLA for undergrad, receiving his advanced degrees from Cal State LA. He is a die hard Bruins fan, especially UCLA basketball. I was raised in Louisiana and attended LSU for undergrad (Geaux Tigers). After graduation, I thought I might go spend some time in Los Angeles and see what that was like, and within a year I met Dustin and was introduced to Occupational Therapy. We applied to our graduate programs at the same time and got married in the process, in 2006. We have three amazing girls. Our twins, Avery and Finley, are 9, and our “baby”, Mackenna, is 8. We also have a cockapoo (Gumbo) and a puppy golden retriever (Dude).

We have learned so much from having three kids. Especially since they are each so very different. They teach us that even though children may be raised in the same environment with the same parents and same expectations, each may require a completely different approach. That being said, they keep us on our toes, but also keep us in stitches. Currently, our home life is filled with gymnastics, dance, and horses. And dogs. It’s busy and loud, but also very fun.

Now that I’ve provided a little background about us, we are going to use this blog to post resources, information, and thing of interest that come about while working with kids. I’m a bit nerdy and get really excited about sensory integration and behavior and sometimes I’m dying to share.

First day of school in Texas

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